The Get A Job Kit

The Get A Job Kit is an all-in-one career organizer that is helping organizations across the country to empower job seekers of all ages and backgrounds. With proven success in Career Centers, Workability and Transition Partnership Programs, Welfare to Work Programs and colleges, The Get A Job Kit—along with its Instructor’s Guide—is the ultimate resource to enhance success for schools, government agencies, and non-profits working with job seekers.

By organizing and simplifying the job search process, The Get A Job Kit empowers job seekers with user-friendly instruction, credible information, examples from professionals, and practical tools they need to outshine their competitors at every step of the job search process, and get the jobs they want.

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Career Services Center – Raleigh, NC

“Our career services staff has invested in The Get A Job Kit for ten years, and we put customized stickers on each kit (at no charge) to advertise our services and logo. It’s a terrific marketing tool for our multi-campus vocational college, and students love the professional-looking briefcase design!”

The New Get A Job Kit

Updated and redesigned, the 2018 model contains best practice tips and tools to
reflect today's current job market.


Instructor's Guide

A 10-15 hour course outline with engaging interactive exercises to facilitate
The Get A Job Kit in a workshop or classroom setting.

The Financial Empowerment Portfolio


The NEW Financial Empowerment Portfolio is the ultimate resource for empowering individuals with the information, tips and practical tools to develop their financial strength and gain control of their future.