Additional Inserts

To provide further support and guidance to job seekers who may face unique barriers to employment, we offer FREE Additional Inserts for ex-offenders, youth, and veterans, with resources tailored to their specific needs.


Ex-Offender Insert

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Having a criminal record may seem like a significant barrier to employment, but obtaining a good job is not as difficult as it may seem, as long as the job seeker is confident, honest and informed.

The 4-page Ex-Offender Insert helps ex-offender job seekers to:

  • Use “Turn Around Talk” to focus on the positives and emphasize change
  • Craft an “Incarceration Speech” to briefly, directly explain their conviction
  • Practice mock interviews






Youth Insert

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Job search can be nerve-racking, especially when new to the job market. However, as long as the job seeker is informed and well-prepared, they can successfully land their first real job.

The 4-page Youth Insert helps youth job seekers to:

  • Identify their skills
  • Set up information interviews
  • Learn about job shadowing







Veteran Insert
veteran job seeker

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Successfully navigating stressors and re-adjusting to civilian life—both personally and professionally—can be challenges for military personnel. Despite these challenges, returning service members and veterans are especially resilient and adaptable, and will successfully transition to civilian work life .

The 4-page Veteran Insert helps veteran job seekers to:

  • Identify available resources
  • Translate service skills and experience to civilian terminology
  • Practice mock interviews






Job Developer – New Orleans, LA

Our young adults are having a tough time competing for fewer part-time jobs and summer employment. We provide The Get A Job Kit to our students to boost their self-esteem and get a head start. Job search skills are timeless.

Military Support Programs – China Lake, CA

Transitioning military personnel and their spouses are finding the competition much tougher than expected. The Get A Job Kit complements our training program and provides information on self-marketing–which is a huge advantage. Each kit comes with free inserts targeted to the needs of our military population.