The New Get A Job Kit

With updated content, design, and examples that reflect today’s current job market trends, The New Get A Job Kit simplifies and organizes the job search process into three phases of Preparing for the Job Search, Securing the Position, and Excelling in the Workplace. CLICK HERE TO ORDER NOW!

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Contents Include: 

Phase 1: Preparing for the Job Search

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  • Get A Job Planner
    • Set Goals
    • Identify Network Connections
  • Master Application
    • Capture the Information You Will Need for any Job Application
  • Resume & Cover Letter Workbook
    • Craft a Winning Resume
    • Select Professional References
    • Write Effective Cover Letters
    • Prepare Professional Portfolio
  • 30-Second Me
    • Craft & Perfect Personal Statement

Phase 2: Securing the Position

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  • Online Job Search Brochure
    • Research Potential Employers
  • Job Log
    • Track Contacts & Applications
  • Pocket Guide to Confident Interviewing
    • Practice Top Q&A
  • Interview Scheduler Notepad
    • Schedule & Prepare for Interviews
  • Dressing for Success Guide
    • Dress to Suit the Job
  • Thank You Notes & Envelopes

Phase 3: Excelling in the Workplace
  • Practice Strategies for Success

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    • For Continued Success
    • Effective Self-Care
  • Manage Conflict in the Workplace
  • Accept Constructive Criticism
  • Navigate the First Year on the Job
    • Your First Week
    • The 90-Day Benchmark
    • The One-Year Milestone
  • Cope with Change
    • Types of Change
    • Professional Opportunities
    • Potential Challenges
  • Leave a Positive Legacy  

The Professional Portfolio

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  • Contains 2 Complimentary Sheets of Fine Resume Paper
  • Built to house and protect everything a job seeker may need on a job interview — Master Application, Typed Resume, Typed References, & Certificates, Awards, or Letters of Recommendation
  • Sleek & Professional Design


Number of Kits                                   Price per Kit
1-99 Kits                                                   $19.99
100-249 Kits                                            $17.99
250+ Kits                                                  $15.99

Additional Offers

The New Instructor’s Guide provides instructors with an updated 10-15 hours of flexible comprehensive curriculum and engaging activities to facilitate The NEW Get A Job Kit in a workshop or classroom setting.
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Career Counselor – Detroit, MI

“A surprising number of job seekers think all they have to do is post their resumes on one of the big web sites and wait for offers. Wrong! Getting a job is full-time work and requires preparation to get ahead of the competition. The Get A Job Kit helps people save time and track their progress.”

Job Seeker – Houston, TX

“A local agency gave me The Get A Job Kit, and I liked the way it was packaged. It had lots of tips about how to look professional, and I even wrote thank you notes for the first time! My persistence paid off with a job offer from a local start-up company.”